Ranking the best 5 brothers in the NBA

Deadline day is approaching fast and this year’s trade season was kicked off last week by a deal sending Mason Plumlee to Denver in exchange for Jusuf Nurkić. He arrived about a week late to see the Nuggets face Milwaukee and his brother Miles, who is now with the Hornets. Even though this family-duel didn’t come to pass, there are plenty of other brothers who have faced off against each other on the hardwood. So we thought we’d rank the five best of these pairs. (Miles and Mason Plumlee didn’t make the cut.)

5.Cody & Tyler Zeller

We start off with the Zeller brothers, who, unlike most others on this list, played at different colleges: Cody went to Indiana, Tyler to North Carolina. This last spot was tightly contested between them and the Plumlees. Both pairs of brothers are thoroughly mediocre, the Zellers come out on top since they have similar roles on their teams, while the recently traded Mason plays 28 minutes a game compared to his brother’s 10. Regardless of who made the cut, both qualify rather because they are siblings than because of their stellar play.

4.Markieff & Marcus Morris

The visually inseparable Morris twins were selected with consecutive picks in the 2011 draft, both out of Kansas. Marcus initially played for Houston, but a trade to Phoenix reunited him with his brother after their first year. As the Suns’ first and second option at Power Forward they both sported the same style of play: Big men who could shoot from range. Even though they never made the postseason with Phoenix, the twins had apparently found their niche. Unfortunately, their luck wasn’t built to last. In 2015 Marcus was sent to Detroit where Stan van Gundy was in need of a shooter, much to Markieff’s disliking, who refused to stay with the Suns without his twin forcing them to trade him to Washington. Now separated after an ugly saga, they have continued to be solid, versatile players on their own.

3.Steph & Seth Curry

A couple of years ago a whole lot of basketball fans didn’t even know Steph Curry had a brother. Admittedly, it is rather surprising to note that this brother went to Duke, while Steph played at obscure Davidson College. But Seth Curry’s career was off to such a bad start that he almost vanished into oblivion. He went undrafted in 2013 and played for Memphis, Cleveland, Phoenix and Sacramento without making any notable splashes. But this year he finally celebrates a breakout season with the Dallas Mavericks. Averaging 12 points and 28 minutes is not too bad for an undrafted player. Together with his MVP level brother, Seth occupies the third places in our ranking. Had it not been for Seth’s poor start, they might as well have had a chance to end up at number two…

2.Robin & Brook Lopez

…which goes to the Lopez twins. Both have embarked onto solid careers, after getting picked in the first round of the 2008 draft. Spending all of his career with the Nets, Brook has established himself as one of the most skilled offensive Big Men in the game. The lone bright spot on a sluggish Nets team, he could very soon be with a contending roster instead. They may have played together at Stanford University, but their pro careers have differed a lot: His brother Robin has had a more turbulent so far, he played for three teams in the last three seasons (five overall) and could never really match Brook’s play. Lately, he has developed into a reliable veteran and is one of the few stable factors on the Bull’s otherwise chaotic roster.

1.Marc & Pau Gasol

Even though Pau is well beyond his prime and fighting injury in his first year in San Antonio, the two Spaniards still lead this ranking. His best years were with Memphis and the Lakers, where he was part of two championship teams. Especially Marc has quietly played some of the best ball of his career this season, posting a career high of 21 points. He and Mike Conley keep an ever declining Grizzlies team competitive. His rock solid playing style has long been underappreciated and he constantly ranks among the most underrated NBA stars. Together they account for 6 combined All-NBA and 9 All-Star appearances and a DPOY trophy. Numbers no other pair of brothers can call their own.


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